WordPress Tutorial for Beginners (Using WordPress CMS / WordPress as a Software)

Welcome, new bloggers! Now, it’s time to choose for your blog site provider in order to share your ideas and thoughts to the web community. It’s really fun to imagine how blogger likes us is important to choose the compatible web providers for us users so that it would be easy for you to write and share articles. One best blog site provider will be recommending for you is using WordPress as your blogging software.

Have you ever heard about WordPress? It’s the most popular blogging system in the era of blogging. Most web users and bloggers do like WordPress as their CMS or content management system of blog articles, pictures, videos and any other contents that you can put on your blog. It’s basically different from the other blogging systems when it comes to quality and user-friendly. Their templates are very entertaining, and their blog plug-ins is always impressive. Much to the contributors, WordPress is winning every bloggers’ hearts.

Why Bloggers love to use WordPress:

  • Because the dashboard is easy to understand – sometimes, user-friendly is weighing over the performance of a blog site provider. There are many reviews that certifies that the dashboard is really simple and easy to use, especially you want to type blog articles and putting some media in it (like pictures, videos, audios and etcetera) gives people a good view of how WordPress is really like to help bloggers from keeping their blogging experience easier.wordpress
  • The themes are really awesome: it’s like you are entering a new interface just like you are doing in the new sites featuring the theme’s best job in animating the whole site. However, you can access more premium themes once you are register your website in your won domain, and also by that, you can now have earnings in your website.
  • WordPress has 30,000 database of plug-ins. Its architecture displays the plug-in extend capabilities. From the social media sites to search engine tabs, WordPress’ architecture is impressive
  • It has the most organized multi-blog features and multi-user. It can be easily recognized and you can post blog articles or media to the blog site you are currently doing. The site owner has every right to give someone an access to their accounts; as well the moderations of the comments and the check-ups to make sure the contents are not plagiarized.
  • Mobile practicality is also smooth and flawless. WordPress in mobile is really fascinating when it comes to their contents. All of the featured apps can be shown, and it’s too light to load without any flash advertisements.

Now, you see the jury of netizens speak about how WordPress is touching their blogging lives, You can now see the difference (if you are looking at other blog site providers) enlisted at what you just read before. Now, there are many things you can do in a blog, right? Think of this: your creativity and your blog will be harmonized in one. That would be wonderful, isn’t it? A perfect blog site for a creative blogger so learn how to start a successful blog.

How to Setup a WordPress Blog

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Top WordPress Plugins

Most blog user’s look at the WordPress platform and it is one of the best blogging platforms available today. However, what many bloggers don’t know is that there are many great plugins that you can use alongside WordPress. Really, there are many great plugins that you can add to make your blogging platform, a solid and fierce tool. Here are the top 6 plugins to consider.

The W3 Total Cache

Cache versions can always take their time to appear which frustrates users. You don’t want your blog users being slowed down or turning away because of slow response. That is why the W3 total cache has become one of the top WordPress plugins to consider today and it is extremely impressive. It does offer bloggers something extra for their blog.

The Google Analytics for WordPress

Another top plugin for WordPress has to be Google Analytics. Now, this has to be a very impressive and important plugin for you to use today because you get to track your visitors. This means you see how many visitors are coming onto your site every day and how they interact with the blog as well. You have the ability to analyze as well, which does make WordPress a lot more interesting than before.

The pageMash

This is one of the top WordPress plugins that is available today. The reason why is simply because when you want to rearrange or restructure your blog pages, you can easily do so with this plugin. You can drag and drop pages to whenever you want, which makes it easier than ever to create the blog however you like it. Without this, it can be really difficult to do so. Read more Top WordPress Plugins

How to Monetize Your Blog in A Few Simple Steps

One of the frequently asked questions today is how to monetize your blog? Those who want to become a professional blogger are seeking simple but effective ways of making money from their blogs and in fact it can be done. A lot of people think making money from a blog comes only from advertising; however, that is not exactly the case. You can make money from ads, of course you can, especially if your blog is lined with ads and people find them interesting, but it’s not the only way to make real money.

Try Affiliate Marketing

A good way to start making serious cash from your blog has to be through affiliate marketing. This is certainly one amazing way in which you can cash in on your blog. The method of affiliate can however be a little tiresome and drawn out at times, especially when you’re just starting out, however, once you get going with this option, it can and will make you a lot of money.

Selling a Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is not something many people know about and it’s important to learn. This is basically when you create a post which says, ‘this post was brought to you by…’ you add the name of the person sponsoring your post. Sponsoring is actually a good way to make extra cash and it can be very profitable if you do this with several different companies because it means they will pay you greatly for the post. Remember, you’re technically advertising the company so they are willing to pay. This is one way to monetize your blog. Read more How to Monetize Your Blog in A Few Simple Steps